Integration Method Link

About Integration

The simplest way of integrating InvestReady into your offering is by displaying a link on your website that directs your investors to visit the general intake form hosted on the InvestReady website. The example listed here provides some introductory text and an image button that makes it simple for your investor to get started on our site.

Once on our page, investors can sign up for an account and begin our easy verification process. The investor will be notified once the verification process is complete. You, the partner, are only charged when a verification request is submitted, but not when an account is created.


Welcome DemoFund Investor!

Thanks for signing up. Before providing you access to our platform, we are required to verify you are an Accredited Investor. In order to do so, our partners at InvestReady have set up a landing page for you to visit and get verified.

Get Verified

Example Code

< a href="<public_key>">Get Verified</a>